Eagles Nest Development:

  • complies with the Official Community Plan, no amendments, no variances

  • supports the CRD mandate for more housing

  • supports the CRD mandate for more housing

  • supports your local shops and offices

  • provides much needed residential housing within walking distance of work and shopping

  • provides new sidewalks and bicycle lanes

  • provides a bus layby and shelter that will allow traffic to continue to move when the bus stops

  • provides approximately $3,000,000 in fees and contributions to View Royal.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed a financial strain on the municipal government, and development fees may help offset the need for property tax increases.


  • Approximately $850,000 of the $3,000,000 fees and contributions is by way of Community Amenity Charge, which could be used for local community amenities such as parks, playgrounds etc. in your area.


  • Traffic is a regional issue and concerns about increased traffic cannot affect how the Town of View Royal achieves the goals and objectives of the Official Community Plan. Provincial investment in the McKenzie interchange project is projected to bring some relief, and other local solutions can be explored after the interchange is open.